The history of the Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute, fondly known as OGI is, rooted in the vision of four physicians who recognized a critical need for improved access to endoscopy services in the Ottawa region which faced an unsettling reality; access to essential endoscopy services was dwindling while colon cancer cases were on the rise. Together, the physicians established an institution committed to a patient-centered approach that would reshape the landscape of endoscopy services in the area.

The core principles of OGI revolve around ensuring that the team is highly skilled, that patients receive timely care, feel the importance of their well-being, actively participate in their healthcare journey, and are treated with the utmost respect. OGI’s history is a testament to the dedication to these fundamental principles, which continue to guide the mission of providing exceptional healthcare.

In 2014, Dr. Robin Boushey, Dr. Liliana Oliveira, Dr. Richmond Sy & Dr. Shahram Zolfaghari opened OGI’s doors.  Access to endoscopy services opened up for the area & waitlists were decreasing.  With surgery & medicine equally represented, OGI created their own centralized intake & triage system, ensuring that each patient could receive care from the most suitable service.

Overtime, as the patient demand continued to rise, OGI carefully curated additional physicians & staff. OGI furthermore upgraded its endoscopy equipment to state-of-the-art technology.  This expansion and upgrade was a strategic step in ensuring that patients could continue to receive prompt and timely care, a foundation of OGI’s commitment to healthcare excellence.

In 2020, when the entire world halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OGI remained committed to providing access to services for those patients who were very symptomatic and at high risk for colon cancer. During a temporary slow-down, the team worked diligently to plan ahead & prepare for the region’s foreseeable backlog of endoscopy services.  OGI then renovated & expanded in order to facilitate more access to patient care.

In an effort to support the local hospitals in addressing their backlog of endoscopy services, in 2022, OGI expanded its operating hours to include weekends.

OGI facilitates approximately 20,000 procedures per year for patients in Ottawa & surrounding regions, including patients from out of province & out of the country.   The prevalence of colon cancer in the Ottawa area has dramatically decreased since the introduction of the institution.

As of 2023, OGI has recently launched a new Rapid Access System, the first in the province to introduce an initiative that streamlines urgent patient care, guaranteeing these patients be seen urgently based on a referral that meets a specific set of criteria.

In 2024, OGI plans to celebrate 10 years of service in the Ottawa area. OGI remains devoted to continually improving clinical services and access to colonoscopies for all patients who need it.

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Meet our team!

Our mission is to provide exceptional and timely care to our patients.
Multidisciplinary services are provided by high-performing physicians
and nursing teams who specialize in curing and preventing gastrointestinal disease
while respecting the basic human need to feel in control and to be respected.

What we do

OGI specializes primarily in colonoscopy procedures. A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows physicians to examine the inside of the colon (large intestine) using a flexible tube with a camera attached.

OGI’s dedication to performing colonoscopies as a primary service highlights the commitment to early detection, prevention and effective management of colon-related conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Please be assured that any patient undergoing a diagnostic test at our facility that results in a diagnosis requiring further medical management, the patient will receive prompt attention and care by our team. The patient will either be scheduled to see the diagnosing physician or if necessary, the patient will be referred to a specialist within our clinic for the most appropriate care, ensuring patients are cared for along the entire patient journey.

Why refer to OGI

Expertise: OGI’s team is comprised of highly regarded surgeons & gastroenterologists from around the region who are experts in their field.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: OGI is the first facility in Canada to have upgraded to Fujifilm Healthcare Eluxeo 700 series. This state of the art equipment includes colonoscopes, processors and HD screens.  This improvement provides enhanced visualization & detection of diseases of the colon.

Patient-Centric Approach: OGI places a strong emphasis on patient-centered care. Patients referred to OGI can expect compassionate, personalized & attentive care throughout their process with our team.

Comprehensive Care:  OGI not only performs diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopies but also provides surgical and medical management for a wide range of colon-related diseases. This comprehensive approach means that patients can receive all the necessary care under one roof, leading to convenience & continuity of care.

Timely Access to Care: OGI has shown commitment to ensuring timely access to care, even during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. OGI has expanded services, introduced weekend access, and launched initiatives to streamline urgent patient care, demonstrating their dedication to addressing patient needs promptly.

In summary, OGI is devoted to delivering exceptional care to its patients. OGI is committed to ongoing process improvement to ensure that patients experience an efficient journey, with the confidence that they will receive comprehensive care from their physicians should ongoing management be necessary. Patient well-being & satisfaction remain at the forefront of OGI’s mission.

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